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Van Gogh X Contemporary Fashion

When you think of Vincent van Gogh, contemporary art surely isn’t the first thing to pop into your mind. Yet more than 130 years after his death, Dutch artist Van Gogh and his famous paintings still inspire and influence many young hip designers, resulting in some very exciting collaborations.

The world famous Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam partners with several brands with an emphasis on staying relevant and seeking inclusivity to youth from diverse cultural backgrounds. Let Art Fix tell you more about these collabs.


In 2018, the Van Gogh Museum kicked off its collaborative stint with a partnership with Vans, the American skateboarding shoe and apparel brand. Together they created a collection of sneakers and fashion designs based on several Van Gogh masterworks, such as Skull, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers and Van Gogh’s self-portrait. Check these out : 

Unfortunately, the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection is sold out on 


A year after the release of the Van Gogh X Vans, the Japanese toy collective, BE@RBRICK, dove into a collab with the Van Gogh Museum. These Japanese figurines are all the hype in the hip-hop and streetwear scene, and have become super sought after collectors items. In our 8th episode we talked about cult collecting, and voila: the Van Gogh X BE@RBRICK pieces are true examples of limited edition releases which have soared in value. These figurines are notorious for their appreciation in value. With an initial buying price of a few hundred euro, these figures are now often selling at thousands of euros on the secondary market. Sounds like an exciting investment for some?

BE@RBRICK & Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait with Felt Hat, 1887-88

While the figures are currently sold out, the Van Gogh x BE@RBRICK collaboration is still alive and there will be a new release in January 2021. How to stay on top of this? Sign up for the Van Gogh Museum’s newsletter and be the first to receive a message of the new drop!

Van Gogh X Daily Paper © Foto Nick van Tiem


And now… drum rolls, please: In 2020, the Van Gogh Museum teamed up with Amsterdam streetwear disruptor Daily Paper to create a collection of wearable pieces of art. Starting as an online streetwear and lifestyle blog in 2012, Daily Paper has become an internationally recognized fashion label that retains the African roots of its founders’ shared heritage, and opened the doors of its first flagship store in New York in October 2020.

In its second art-meets-fashion collaboration, Daily Paper features artists who are redefining modern art from an Afrofuturist perspective. The line-up consists of choreographer Christian Yav, visual artists Marlou Fernanda, AiRich, Bodil Ouédraogo, and interviewer Jamal Jama. Anything sound familiar? You may recognize Bodil Ouédraogo as our September artist of the month, who we interviewed in preparation for her incredible show for Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Bodil in Van Jorbla & Marlou Fernanda in Van Juff © Christiaan van Leeuwen.

Many dream about experiencing Van Gogh’s sunflowers, but what about being able to wear them? In this collection you’ll find a sunflower-printed reversible bomber jacket and printed pullovers, allowing you to express yourself in signature Daily Paper style, while always keeping your love for art close.

The collab items are for sale online at: 

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