Summer in the City – Amsterdam 2023 - ART FIX

Summer in the City - Amsterdam 2023

Is Amsterdam your destination for summer 2023? Discover all the must-see art experiences, exhibitions and museums to visit.


Rijksmuseum Gardens | Richard Long

This legendary British land artist takes over the garden of the Rijksmuseum this summer with his sculptures and conceptual artwork.

ART FIX: take advantage of the “In Het Rijksmuseum” podcast with curator Mels Evers, in conversation with Richard Long himself. 

Van Gogh Museum | Van Gogh in Auvers

The Van Gogh Museum presents more than 80 works from the final months of Van Gogh’s lifetime that have previously never been shown together. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Rijksakademie | Open Studios

Each year Open Studios enables the artists in residence to share their work with wider audiences. You can wander through 50 studios.

Foam | Sem Langendijk

  • Keizersgracht 609
  • Until 18 June

This  impactful exhibition showcases the photography of Amsterdam local Sem Langendijk.

Huis Marseille | Carlos Pérez Siquier

A retrospective exhibition on the work of Spanish photographer Carlos Pérez Siquier as it centers on the postwar — of his coastal hometown, Almería.

Oude Kerk | It’s OK…

A series of 30 artistic gatherings during which the It’s OK… collective invites an open discussion of how a stronger sense of community identity and social cohesion can be nurtured in the area surrounding the Oude Kerk.


  • Apollolaan and Minervalaan
  • Until 24 September

Looking for something fun to do outdoors this summer? Jasper Krabbé is the curator of the 8th edition of ARTZUID. Fifty sculptures by internationally renowned artists and Dutch talent are exhibited on Apollolaan and Minervalaan in architect Berlage’s Plan-Zuid.

ART FIX: The route map and catalogue are available at the ARTZUID Information Pavilion on the Minervalaan. Entry tours are at 1 pm on weekends. ARTZUID is accessible free of charge.


The Ravestijn Gallery | Monochromatic

In the mood for monochrome? This photographic exhibition will give you your fix. Don’t miss the headliner; an AI-generated image which caused quite the fuss earlier this year at the Sony World Photography Awards. 

Kers Gallery | Racquel van Haver

Colombian-born Raquel van Haver uses unconventional materials such as burlap, tar, hair and ash to texturise her vivid paintings which explore cultural heritage.  

Galerie Fons Welters | Jennifer Tee

Jennifer Tee’s artwork uses geometric designs to show how sculpture can become fluid and arranged in a way to hide objects inside it.

Annet Gelink Gallery | Ryan Gander

Judging from the glasses on the ground, we’ve just missed the party. But the cat can’t be bothered.

Torch Gallery  | Natalie Westbrook

Natalie Westbrook invites us to join her in confronting our fears of the subconscious mind with these paintings that flirt between humorous and nightmarish. 

Subway New York, Unguided Tour Hell on Wheels, Rush Hour on Lexington IRT, NYC, 1977-1985

Bildhalle | Willy Spiller

  • Hazenstraat 15H, 1016 SM Amsterdam
  • June 2nd – July 22nd

In “Hell on Wheels”, photographer Willy Spiller captures the high-energy intensity of New York City in a series of shots taken in the period from 1977 to 1985. 

Stigter van Doesburg | Dina Danish

Dina Danish’s intriguing embroidered works mark recent events like the coronation of the king, or Macron right after the phone call with Putin.  

Galerie Caroline O’Breen | Becoming Earths

Three artists’ works are presented in this exhibition, whose paintings and sculptures tell mystical stories about the intimate connections between femininity and ecology.

Galerie Ron Mandos | Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham’s larger-than-life car keys and kinetic watches, encrusted with beautiful geological matter, are a study on the themes of erosion and the passing of time. 

Stevenson | Mawande Ka Zenzile

South African Mawande Ka Zenzile uses unusual techniques and materials (including cow dung!). Join the walkabout tour of the exhibition, given by the artist, at 13.00 on Saturday June 3rd!

GRIMM | Francesca Mollett

These abstract paintings have been made using the reflections found in and around the artist’s environment, such as the glimmering water of the canals in Amsterdam.

Borzo Gallery | Koen Vermeule

Taking inspiration from his time as a choreographer for fight scenes in the film Dojo, Vermeule’s gouache paintings serve as vivid snapshots of behind-the-scenes action.  

The Merchant House | JCJ Vanderheijden

This is the first survey show of Vanderheyden in Amsterdam since his retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in 2001.

Madé van Krimpen Gallery | The Originals

“The Originals” celebrate the power of magazine cover art. The original art pieces are shown alongside their corresponding famous magazine covers

Circle Gallery | Art_020

ART_020 presents the latest collection of its artists, Peter Peereboom, Sandi Gehring, Mo Cornelisse, Marie-Claire Greve, Annelies Damen, Cathalijn Wouters, Eline de Jonge.

GoMulan Gallery | Sam Hersbach & Jan Steenman

This collaboration between artists Sam Hersbach and Jan Steenman draws inspiration from the natural world to create surreal sculptures and figurative paintings.

See All This | Paradise Found

See All This opens its doors in Amsterdam, with the first exhibition: “Paradise Found” curated by Piet Oudolf. He transformed the gallery into a temporary nursery where you can buy an original Piet Oudolf plant. Sophie Steengracht is one of the participating artists.

Landscape with two Horizons 2003 150/112 cm

EENWERK | Woody van Amen

  • Koninginneweg 176
  • 17 June–29 July 

We look forward to the exhibition of Woody van Amen. For Van Amen, the double cross is the symbol of the freedom of art and forms the common thread through his oeuvre.



ZeroZero: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 3A

Pastis: Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 15

Cora Broodjes: Prinsengracht 705a

Café de Pels: Huidenstraat 25


Gertrude: Bosboom Toussaintstraat 28H

De Tros: Linnaeusstraat 63H

La Parole: Kwakersstraat 24

Cornerstore: Papaverweg 11

Toscanini: Lindengracht 75

Cantine de Caron: Pazzanistraat 8

nNea Pizza: Bilderdijkstraat 92