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Street Art Experiences

Loved what you saw on your screen in episode one? If you answered yes, just wait till you see street art for yourself — here our Art Fix recommendations of the best street art experiences.



Art Fix Guide:
Meet Zarina. Recommended by a friend of Art Fix, she’s our go-to street art tour guide in Shoreditch. Located in east London, Shoreditch is known as the epicentre of London’s vibrant street art and graffiti scene. Zarina’s tours are delivered in both Dutch and English, and are a wonderful combination of her love for the fascinating history of the East End of London and the rise of street art. Expect a seamless blend of Jack the Ripper references, a look into  the neighborhoods many independent shops, immigrant stories and murals by some of the world’s top-notch artists!

Grab some post-art tapas at Barrafina or a drink at Scout

Look out for: 

  • STIK – Princelet Street & Rivington Street
  • BANKSY – Rivington Street (Club Cargo)  & Golden Lane next to the Barbican Centre 
  • Leake Street Tunnel, a the true graffiti hotspot – near Waterloo station
Street Art Berlin, 2019 © Art Fix


Art Fix Guides:
Once a divider between East and West, the Berlin Wall (or the remainder thereof) is a must-see as one of the first public canvases for street art. The stretch is an absolute highlight of the German capital, and we at Art Fix recommend a guided tour to fully comprehend the often politically motivated pieces. English spoken tours are given by Rob at Alternative Berlin Tours If you prefer to have a more personal explanation, Berlin Street Art also offers private tours These three-hour tours are either delivered by Katia Herman, in English, German or French. Her colleague Alex is also available to tour in English and Italian. Art Fix recommends going either early in the summer or before sunset, as the stretch of wall can get extremely crowded during peak mid-afternoon hours (especially in summertime).

Grab a coffee (and a plantbased cake if that’s your thing!) at Cafe Neundrei ( and check out “Do You Read Me” bookstore in Mitte for good books, many regarding contemporary art (

Look out for: 

  • The Museum for Urban Contemporary Art is now the largest street art museum in the world – and with free admission as an added bonus!
  • The Art Fix-beloved JR, known for giving a voice to those silenced by society, worked in Berlin for one month in 2013. As part of his “Wrinkles of the City” project, the French artist documented the aging process of the eldery. In capturing the beauty of aging, JR aimed to celebrate the older citizens of the city, often forgotten in our youth-obsessed, progress-driven culture. The series of 15 works, all made in the city are predominantly found on buildings, and celebrate the elderly Berliners. Unfortunately some of the works are now lost as the city continues to transform. The most intact works can be found near:
  • Invalidenstrasse – Hand gesticulating the Westside sign
  • Behind the Postbahnhof on the old water tower
  • Prenzlauer Allee – The man holding up his hands around his eyes (TV tower)
Miguel Brum, Calçada da Glória, Lisbon, 2019 © CMP


Art Fix Guide:
If you’re more keen on traveling to Southern Europe, Portugal’s capital Lisbon hosts an array of breathtaking street art. Book a morning with one of the ‘street art guru’s’ at The City Guru, offered in English, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and French. Tours can be private or with a group – up to you!

Do not miss the coffee at “Hello, Kristof” to kickoff your day of art

Look out for:

  • AddFuel AKA street artist Diogo Machado’s personal street style is that he mixes the two things we love about Portugal: street art and azulejos, the traditional Portuguese tiles — a beautiful mixture of the old and new
  • Vhils is the tag name of the famous Alexandro Farto. By using drills and jackhammers to carve surfaces, Vhils transforms rough buildings or walls into realistic large scale portraits, all the while incorporating some of the exposed brick and materials of the original surfaces. This creates a mesmerizing, detailed and realistic effect. Vhils work can be found in Alfama São Miguel
Street Art, Paris © Kasia Klon


Art Fix Guide:
Kasia Klon and her friends love sharing their knowledge and the insights of the Parisian street art scene. Small groups, no lame flags and lots of cool storytelling. They speak English, French Spanish, Italian, German and Polish. She can even organise a feminist street art tour and fix private art walks.

You’ll find the best espresso at Fragments fragmentsparis in Le Marais, and if you’re looking for more of a bistro vibe head to Cravan in the 16th restaurantcravan.

INVADER, BGK_32, 2016 @ Art Fix

Look out for:

  • INVADER. Spotting street art in Paris is exciting. Take the mosaic-tiled works of urban artist Invader, for example, a man whose identity remains unknown but whose work has sold for up to €200,000. He has put up 1,341 pieces across Paris; maybe you’ve even walked past them without realizing!
MoSA, New York, 2019 © JazzA

New York 

Art Fix Guide:
Graff Tours – We recommend exploring the street art of the city that never sleeps with Graff Tours. These secret-sharers will turn Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood into a true outdoor gallery.

Our coffee pick goes to Variety Coffee Roasters, which is a short 15 minute walk from the Chelsea gallery area.

Look out for: 

  • The Bowery Graffiti Wall: While there are many great places to see street art in New York, none are as iconic as the 1300-foot Bowery Wall. Located on the corner of Bowery and Houston, this wall has been touched by many-an-artist, starting with Keith Haring in 1982. Street art legends, Banksy, JR, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Swoon, and Aiko, amongst others, have all hosted murals here over the years
  • MoSA. Originally a museum without walls known as “5 Pointz” in Queens, this untraditional Museum of Street Art is now located in the cool citizenM New York Bowery Hotel. Spanning the entire 20-floor staircase, this is a display of graffiti and street art from all around the world. Each stairwell is done differently, giving you the opportunity to explore the 20 different artists while walking down the stairs (and getting in your steps for the day). We recommend starting at the Rooftop bar to check out the view, and working your way down from there. Make sure not to miss STIK’s mural “Migrant” which can be seen from the all-glass bathrooms when looking south-east towards the Lower East Side. No need to reserve and the entrance is free.


Street Art, Wynwood © Max Herman -


Art Fix Guide:
It’s impossible to holiday in Miami Beach without crossing the bridge to the Wynwood district and seeing the Wynwood Walls. Better than most stuffy museums, these brightly colored murals feature works from some of the world’s best-known street artists.

Wynwood Walls, 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Wynwood

Inspired by the tavernas of Aegean coastal towns, Mandolin Aegean Bistro was opened by husband and wife team Ahmet Erkaya and Anastasia Koutsioukis in Miami in 2009 serving homespun recipes from Greece and Turkey

Look out for:

  • Murals by Shepard Fairey, Maya Hayuk, Kenny Scharf, Miss Van, OG Slick and Os Gemeos
Kobra, Brazil, © Carolfoliveira -

São Paolo

Art Fix Guide:
While the biggest city in Brazil has an incredible amount of colorful walls, there are some neighbourhoods in particular that you cannot miss. We still recommend taking a guided tour, as some areas should be avoided. Your guide will navigate and worry about the traffic, so you can focus on the art!

Head to Um Coffee for a snack and some delicious coffee pre or post art tour.

Look out for:

  • OS GEMEOS. The famous Brazilian twins from São Paulo, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, better known to the rest of the world as Os Gemeos, started out painting the walls of their neighborhood, Cambuci, in the 1980s. They later became international superstars, and some of their original pieces decorate the city
  • KOBRA. Eduardo Kobra is known for his kaleidoscope-like murals. Today, you can find them all over the world, but São Paolo hosts many of the originals. He brings historical figures and places alive.
Street Art, Bastardille, Candelaria, Bogota © NoreenC


Art Fix Guide:
One of the most street-art friendly cities in the world according to many: Bogotá! Here many major streets are used as canvases, boasting walls as high as 15 meters. The Bogotá Graffiti Tour was established by street artists and it is still being run by them today: all the tour guides are street artists and experts in the city’s art culture. The tour is funded entirely by donations. They solely do guided tours in English, but private tours in Spanish and German can be arranged.

A nice fix from one of our Art Fix friends for lunch she suggests Abasto Restaurante and for dinner Cafe Universal

Look out for: 

  • Don’t forget to do a quick Google search before committing to any tour, as street art is temporary and the graffiti world moves fast. A quick reminder that street art has no owner, and it is a true capturing of the moment in which it was created.
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