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Interview with Kate Pincus-Whitney

Misbehaving trails of wisteria, mouthwateringly ripe fruit and technicolour tablecloths... Each minute spent in front of these paintings reveals another hidden homage to the "Very Important Women" of the world.

Despite a busy season complete with a hugely successful solo show at Gnyp Gallery in Antwerp, we managed to catch Kate for a couple of questions about her art, her sources of inspiration, and much more. You can watch the interview below as a video, or listen to it here as a podcast.

Kate Pincus-Whitney’s magnificently maximalist table-scapes can be recognised from a mile away, thanks to her flair for the theatrics. From corner to corner, each work is a bacchanal celebration of food, literature and people that radiates a sense of abundance – of colour, of energy, and of delight.

Kate paints what she describes as ‘hermeneutic diagrams’, and the artist creates visual associations between feminist icons, works of literature by great (female) writers, and feminine archetypes. Entangled by the unruly feast that surrounds them, the result is a joyful and unapologetic celebration of women.

For our listeners who want to stay up to date with Kate, you can find where to do that in our show notes. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

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