Interview with Jonny Niesche - ART FIX

Interview with Jonny Niesche

Lover of Australian sunsets, Mark Rothko, David Bowie and French wine... Sound familiar?

To ring in the new year, our jet-setting Art Fixer, Jonny Niesche, has come all the way from Sydney to Amsterdam to open his solo exhibition at Ron Mandos Gallery titled ‘Electric Light Orchestra’. Lucky for you, we’ve caught him for a few minutes to ask him some questions about his work – listen to the conversation below.

His past life as a hard rocker, his love of Rothko, his fear of heights and his most daunting project to date – Jonny’s lush sfumato works are an unlikely union of colours that blend together like butter.

Good news! Art Fix is pleased to announce that our first limited edition of the new year, titled ‘Xanadu’, is going to be in collaboration with Jonny – more details will follow soon, so now’s the time to become a member if you aren’t one already.

For our viewers who want to stay up to date with Jonny, you can find him on Instagram at @jonnyhonky. Thanks for watching!

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