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Inspired by Matisse's 'Dance'

Inspired by Matisse’s Dance painting? You are not alone! The 'Dance' has become the theme of several famous artist’s works throughout the years. Here’s our top picks:

David Hockney, The Dancers VII, 2014

Danielle McKinney, After the Dance, 2022

Roy Lichtenstein, Artist’s Studio – The Dance, 1974

Tunji Adeniyi-Jones, Twin Virtues in Blue and Orange, 2021

Keith Haring, Dancing Figures, 1985

Simon Fujiwara, Around and Around Who Goes, 2022

Leslie Parke, Interior with ‘The Dance’, 1987

Kate Pincus Whitney, The Gods are in the Kitchen: Dance of the Apple Pickers (we gathered in Spring), 2022

Ed Emrich, The Dance (Henri Matisse)

Jeffrey Cheung, Come Together, 2019

The Argentina Football Team at the World Cup of 2022

Henry Matisse and Keith Haring even inspired this amazing tattoo.

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