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Art Fixer in Focus: Flore Zoé

Ever since she was little, photographer Flore Zoé (@florezoe) has had a creative urge. Her first meeting with the art world began through sketching and painting, but her world changed the second she picked up her first camera. “This is it”, she thought.

Flore Zoé is an international photographer who explores the nature of beauty throughout her work. Exhibited in too many cities to name, Zoe’s work has graced the walls of New York and Singapore; and has been published by fashion houses, included in coffee-table books, and featured in labels and magazines. 

Despite her fixation on perfection, her extensive range of subjects include the ever present pursuit of the beautiful. In her work, she brings attention to social and cultural issues, or in other words, she raises questions and makes the viewer stand still, just for an extra second. If we were to take a wild guess, Zoe’s desire to understand her subject matters on a deeper level arises from the artist’s academic background. Zoé studied psychology for many years before meeting her true love – the camera. 

In her series “Spirit” (2008), Flore Zoé adventures into an abandoned military hospital in Antwerp to give us a glimpse of the home of the nuns who worked and lived there, as well as the soldiers who were taken care of during the First and Second World War. In “The Bath”, she shows the former bathroom of the nuns, a space that due to the passage of time no longer serves its original function. The two ghost-like yet beautiful models have damp hair, referencing the former purpose of the room where they find themselves. A feeling of obsolescence is present in the bathroom, contrasting with the light coming through the door from the adjacent rooms, representing the outer world where time has never stopped. 

What would happen if you put together Ansel Adams’ intense black & white photographs and Beyonce’s  “Naughty Girl”? You get Flore Zoé’s series “Sexual Healing” (2012). In this selection, she explores women’s freedom of sexuality. Although censored on many online platforms, these photographs are not to be missed.

Of all of Flore Zoé’s series, “Porcelain” (2006-2012) is the one that occupied her and her team with the most research – a study on symmetry and proportion in an attempt to decipher the consequences of makeup. In this series, Zoé deconstructs the role that makeup has on our feminine ideal. Is makeup a way of self expression and individualism that makes us unique? Or is it just another mechanism to make us conform to a mind-numbing uniformity? We highly recommend you look closely at this series and decide for yourself. 

On a lighter note – do you remember that time during the first lockdown when we all started baking bread and getting creative? Surely you can still taste that banana bread you baked. You might have heard of the infamous Instagram account “Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine” (@tussenkunstenquarantaine), which became a huge success during the first lockdowns. The account invited users to participate in an art challenge: recreating historical paintings using objects found at home. From turning one’s family into a Keith Haring painting to dressing up as the “Girl with the Pearl Earring”. Zoé puts her personal touch to this concept by portraying you in the same way that her artworks are made. 

Will your family be finally reunited this Christmas? Perhaps it’s time to get that picture you always wanted but never got – and who else than Flore Zoé to create this special artwork of your family? Zoé’s Family Artwork starts with a collective interview in which she gets to know the family, followed by a concept proposal, after which the actual photoshoot takes place. These family artworks are full of symbolism and inside references so that you can get a photograph that is yours, and yours only. 

Whether you decide to treat yourself with an Art Portrait or a Family Artwork, you can consult Flore Zoé’s website to get more information, as well as get in touch with her team for further questions. 

This is not one to be missed, Fixers!