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March - There’s never a dull moment in the art world. That’s why Art Fix has curated a list of the latest and most exciting art news. We'll catch you up on everything you need to know about the art world right now - these fixes are the talk of (lockdown) art town.

FIX 1 – Clubhouse: Hottest New Social Platform – Why is it so Popular in the Art World?

Tired eyes from all the Netflix, Instagram and Art Fix-ing? Then you’ve probably gravitated to the hottest new social media app: Clubhouse. An exciting audio-only counter-offer to all of us suffering from Zoom fatigue, Clubhouse has been particularly frequented by the contemporary art community. From discussing non-fungible tokens to simulating the post-fair gossip that we all miss so dearly during the pandemic, Clubhouse has taken the art world by storm. Yet the real question remains: will the new social media outlive the pandemic hype? That, Fixers, only time will tell. 

Clubhouse is invite only. Need one? Send us an email.

FIX 2 – Amanda Gorman: The Story Continues 

This is a true celebration for women and in particular Black women. Amanda Gorman’s stardom ascended when she was named America’s National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017, and it wasn’t until she read “The Hill We Climb” poem at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration in 2021 that her hopeful words really resonated with millions all over the globe.  Inspired by the inauguration performance, the Ghanaian artist Raphael Adjetey Adjei Mayne painted an evocative portrait of Gorman during her poetry reading at the inauguration. The work was recently sold by Destinee Ross-Sutton, curator and gallerist (check out our interview with her here), and it has now been donated to Harvard University’s Hutchins Center!

FIX 3 – Christie’s to Accept Cryptocurrency for the First Time

IF you thought auction houses were stuffy, think again. As of this month, Christie’s auction house will allow the digital currency Ether (ETH) as a payment option in an auction running from February 25th to March 11th. It’s only fitting that a digital currency be accepted to buy the first purely digital artwork (NFT) ever offered at Christie’s, Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”. In this work, the artist interweaves recurring controversial themes and color schemes into an aesthetic whole that can be zoomed in on. “In the future, it’s important for us to be flexible in the way our clients can pay us and [cryptocurrency] could initiate payment to the seller quicker because of the ease of moving cryptocurrency around,” explains Noah Davis, a specialist in contemporary art at Christie’s New York. Stay tuned for more on this groundbreaking event Fixers! 

FIX 4 – Are You in New York Next Month? Then Don’t Miss Alex Da Corte at The Met!

Alex Da Corte’s magnificent new creation for the Metropolitan rooftop, “As Long as the Sun Lasts” will be on display from April 16th to October 31st. This work will be made of plastic, stainless steel and aluminum, and will be sprayed with a splash of color. Mark your calendars Fixers!  


After months of lockdown, we’re ready to get the party started! Good news Fixers – KAWS’ first major museum exhibition in New York opened this weekend at the Brooklyn Museum. If you’re in town, you can’t miss this big, fun, and extremely photogenic show of more than 165 works, from pencil sketches to monumental Companions towering in the lobby.

FIX 6 – Dior Collaborates With Artist Peter Doig for Men’s Collection

From Canvas to Catwalk Peter Doig, a painter known for his unsettling landscapes, is the latest artist to collaborate with Dior men’s artistic director Kim Jones for Autumn Winter 2021. If you’ve seen our eighth episode, “Teamwork”, you’ll know that Dior is the master of fashion-art collaborations. Dior’s cool collaborations with Kaws, Daniel Arsham and Amoako Boafo have become integral to the brand’s DNA. On his Instagram feed, painter Doig describes his collaboration with Dior as “an honor and [a] thrilling experience to turn ideas and dreams into color and functional forms”.

FIX 7 – HBO Documentary “Black Art: In the Absence of Light”

If you liked our ninth episode “These Girls Are on Fire”, then you’ll love this new HBO documentary. In this 85 minute film, director Sam Pollard explores two centuries of African American artists and their foundation for contemporary Black art. Featuring a number of female Black artists like Faith Ringgold, Amy Sherald, Jordan Casteel and Carrie Mae Weems, the film aims to showcase the remarkable contribution of African American artists and to reveal the art market’s racial bias. “Black Art: In the Absence of Light’ introduces an art history through the lens of Blackness, foregrounding the definitive importance of representation and its scholarship, and in so doing, inspiring generations to come,” explains consulting producer Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem. A definite must-watch for those interested in the way art is addressing the dialogue of racial injustice. 

Watch the trailer.

FIX 8 – Daan Roosegaarde: Grow

In our 10th episode we showed you Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde’s mesmerizing SUN project, a true embodiment of the nexus between art and science. 

Roosegaarde has recently created another very interesting work: GROW, an homage to the beauty and innovation of agriculture. It is inspired by scientific light recipes which improve the growth and resilience  of plants. Check out the video.

FIX 9 – Harper’s Bazaar Features Studio Museum in Harlem 

This month’s Harper’s Bazaar US issue will feature the Studio Museum in Harlem, an institution established in 1968 that aims to celebrate Black artists and the art of the African diaspora that has transformed the art world. This remarkable story will be complemented with 15 photographs taken by John Edmonds. Do you recognize Jordan Casteel and Faith Ringold from Episode 9: “These Girls Are on Fire”? Trust us Fixers, you won’t want to miss this thought-provoking, comprehensive article

FIX 10 – Damien Hirst on Display in St Moritz Until March 24

For our Alpine-loving Fixers, Damien Hirst in St Moritz, Switzerland is a must-see! Here you’ll have the chance to see both outdoor and indoor exhibitions featuring 40 works, with one even on the frozen Lake St Moritz. Who knew snowy mountains could make the most spectacular backdrops? For indoor visits, book here. 

FIX 11 – Desert X Announces Artist Projects for Third Edition 

Most people know Coachella the Festival, but art lovers will know that the pop festival is not the only cultural event to take place on these Californian desert grounds. Enter: Desert X. Here, the art world will make a strong post-covid comeback with its first major public art event since the shutdown last year. Featuring thirteen artists from eight different countries including Judy Chicago, Alicja Kwade, Zahrah Alghamdi and more, Desert X will add some (much needed) color to our days with its third edition of their outdoor art exhibition in Coachella Valley. Block your calendars, Californian Fixers – the show will run from March 12 to May 26 and attendance will be free. 

For more information, visit:

FIX 12  – Open Spaces Releases Issue01

This month, Open Spaces Magazine releases its first print edition.  This majestic publication is a bi-annual print magazine focused on the intersection of art, travel and the outdoors. The magazine examines the relationship between humans and nature by looking into the complex beauty of the latter, seeking to explore uncharted destinations, unique journeys, personal stories and artist practices that are connected with, and rooted in nature. Keep an eye out for an exclusive Art Fix interview with Open Space’s founder, Yara Akkari.

If you are interested in bringing a beautiful copy of Open Spaces Magazine into your home, they are officially available for purchase on their website on March 12, the same day they launch at Desert X exhibition in the Coachella valley, CA. Art Fix members will receive Issue02 free of charge, so be sure to send a one-liner to if you’ve purchased Issue01 after its release.

FIX 13 – Vote for Amsterdam Light Festival

Did you enjoy our story on the glistening lights of Amsterdam’s inaugural winter Light Art Festival? Well, now you can have your say in voting which edition was your favorite. Starting on March 10th, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite light artworks from the past nine editions. For the winning edition, the curators have reserved a spot along the sailing route of Edition # 10. This is how we shape 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival together.

In addition, everyone who votes has a chance to win a One Lamp (worth € 3,600), a work of art that Jeroen Henneman has designed especially for the Amsterdam Light Festival. So you not only give shape to the festival, but you might also bring the festival to your own living room. Vote via their website here from March 10th for one week.

FIX 14 – Art Fix in the Media

We are always happy with media coverage. Extra proud of our co-founder Yvette in Dutch Glossy LINDA with the article: “Art Fix Offers Comfort and Humor in Art”. Yvette sat down with to talk about how Art Fix makes contemporary art accessible through storytelling. Check out the interview here