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5 Questions to Yara Akkari

2020 brought many interesting findings, but one thing that we discovered at Art Fix was the importance of bringing beautiful and inspiring pieces into your home. Always on the lookout for things to brighten up our sacred spaces, we stumbled upon Open Spaces Magazine, a bi-annual print magazine focused on the intersection of art, travel and the outdoors. This magazine examines the relationship between humans and nature by looking into the complex beauty of the latter, seeking to explore uncharted destinations, unique journeys, personal stories and artist practices that are connected with, and rooted in nature. Aiming to fill a gap in the market of print magazines which lacked a publication which bridges the gap between travel, art, and outdoor experiences, targeting the sophisticated, cabin lover. Open Spaces represent a community of elevated explorers.

In March, Open Spaces will be releasing their first edition. In their Issue01, they feature an article which highlights the topic of ‘Art above 3,000 ft’. This piece focuses on works of contemporary art created high above sea level, attracting culture and adventure seeking travelers to come and experience this magic at altitude. Art is a primary component of the Open Spaces formula and an aspect which had, until now, never been explored for its connection to human experiences and travel. At Art Fix we gravitated toward the Open Spaces concept due to our shared appreciation for experiencing art of today in new ways — beyond the four walled confines of a gallery or museum. For those who have seen Art Fix’s second episode, “Can I Touch It?” on sculptural experiences, the diversity of ways in which artists are creating art to experience will resonate with you. This same fascination with experiencing art beyond just visually led the Open Spaces team to incorporate land art into the context of the magazine.

We sat down with the founder of Open Spaces, Yara Akkari, and asked her 5 questions:

1. If you had a magic wand and could place the first edition of Open Spaces magazine on anyone’s bookshelf (dead or alive), who would it be?

Honestly, I am just excited about seeing the magazine at any “ordinary” person’s bookshelf, coffee table or night stand. I get excited every time I see a random name placing an order. This is the magic for me, and what inspires me. If I had to pick a place where I would like to see my magazine, then it would be the Surfrider Hotel in Malibu; a place I love, and so well curated and designed; it feels like a California beach house.

2. After reading Open Spaces, your reader closes the magazine and the first thing they do is ____. 


Dream of a destination; of an open road trip; of an experience. Get inspired  to go out and seek on their own, discover, connect – this is what we are trying to share with our readers and the people we meet and share our passion with.

3. If you could live inside any work of art, what would it be?

James Turrell Open Sky at Chichu Museum in Naoshima….. Or any of James Turrell’s Skyspace to be honest! I could watch the sky & the light change for hours! 

If I can pick a second one, I think it would be the Lightning Fields by Walter de Maria, and actually, you can really spend the night there – in a cabin to experience the art – at night; and there is a reason for that…. I heard it’s a whole experience!

4. Yara, are you an art hunter or gatherer?

Hunter! I like discovering, searching – I love the process that goes with it. As I very often say, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

Looking for a Land Art installation is probably like hunting. You drive for hours sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, until you find it – there, in front of you… & it’s magical. Not only the art piece, but the journey that takes you there which generally includes the great outdoors, something I really appreciate (even more since I have been living in New York!)

5. Art Fix is all about storytelling. What’s been the hardest part of telling the Open Spaces story?

Staying concise, trying to fit in a number of pages, number of words, or telling a limited number of stories…. I have so many ideas, passion for so many places, artists and stories to tell; it’s difficult to make it “fit” in one print. This is why we hope to do more and more, but yet, making sure that we stick to our vision, and integrity.


If you are interested in bringing a beautiful copy of Open Spaces magazine into your home, they are officially available for purchase on their website www.openspacesmag.com on March 12, the same day they launch at Desert X exhibition in the Coachella valley, CA. Art Fix members will receive 20% off the Issue 01 by using the code: ARTFIXMEMBERS.