Podcast: 5 Questions to DRIFT - ART FIX

Podcast: 5 Questions to DRIFT

For the second edition of the Art Fix Podcast we speak to Lonneke Gordijn, one half of the DRIFT duo, who featured in our tenth episode on light art, "Spot On".

This Amsterdam-based artist duo rocked the world with their breakthrough installation “Fragile Future”, in which they glued dandelion seeds to little lights in the ultimate fusion of nature and technology. Drift – formerly known as Studio Drift – are known for their works that fuse art, design, science, and technology.

Listen to our 10-minute podcast where Lonneke tells us about all-things robots, where in the whole galaxy she’d most want to see her art, and who she’d share a Clubhouse room with in her perfect world. Check out the podcast here or listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcast to learn about what inspires Studio Drift to keep creating during these turbulent times.

Curious to learn more about Drift’s technique of fusing nature and technology? Check out our tenth episode, Spot On!

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