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Podcast: 5 Questions to Caroline Walker

We exist in a world which at once invites us to act as if no one’s watching while constantly reminding us that everyone is always watching, swiping and perceiving you. There is no art that captures this tension more clearly than the canvases of Caroline Walker.

We sat down with Caroline to discuss whether we as the viewers intrude, watch or take part in her art, and on whose wall she’d most like to hang her mysterious painted women. Click on the play button underneath the photo to listen to the podcast.

Whether it’s a lush Californian poolside or a contemporary carpeted hotel hallway in London, Walker’s paintings provide a unique window into the everyday lives of women from diverse social and cultural experiences.

Teasing the viewer, Caroline gives us just enough to put the pieces of her subjects’ lives together, only to never really give us the answers we seek.

If you’re keen to experience Caroline’s work in real life, head to her new show “Windows” at KM21 in The Hague — on till 28 November 2021.

ART FIX TIP: Paula Rego is the artist on whose wall Caroline Walker wants to hang her painting. Rego is an uncompromising artist of extraordinary imaginative power, she has revolutionised the way in which women are represented. She has a major retrospective in Tate Britain until 24 October and the exhibition will travel to the Kunstmuseum in The Hague at the end of November 2021.