Interview With Sadie Clayton - ART FIX

Interview With Sadie Clayton

She’s got a pink afro, designs with and for robots, and considers copper her one true love: guess who? That’s right — it’s Sadie Clayton. Fashion designer turned copper sculptor but always a creator, innovator, Sadie is the epitome of the Renaissance woman: from building wearable art out of copper at Art Basel Miami to being interviewed alongside a robot on the BBC for her workshop at the Tate Modern, she’s a breathing fusion of art, fashion, and tech.

This bright young mind took a few minutes out of her busy quarantine schedule to chat with Art Fix. Watch our interview with Sadie to discover more about her work with robots, her time in the fashion world, and all about how her favourite material, copper, kills off Covid-19 after only 46 minutes. That’s less than any other surface! Even through a screen she lightens up the room. Now this is a Zoom you don’t want to miss. 

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