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Studio Drift

You must be wondering, is this AR or a projection? It is actually a flock of drones, in the shape of a heart in the sky above Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

Franchise Freedom, Rotterdam 2020 © Ossip van Duiveynbode

This amazing uplifting art installation, previously seen at the Burning Man festival, was dedicated to health care workers and took place on the 75th anniversary of Dutch Liberation Day. “A flying tribute and an appreciation for those who work day and night for the freedom and security of others,” said Studio Drift

It was sweeping across the sky in a seemingly choreographed routine. The mass was made up of 300 drones each equipped with a light. All based on the algorithms of starlings (birds) flight behaviour. The drones are not pre-programmed to follow a fixed pattern, but decide for themselves where they will move. That choice is a tradeoff between individual freedom or the safety of the group.

This artist collective excels again!

Watch the video of this amazing event by clicking on this link.

Franchise Freedom, Rotterdam 2020 © Ossip van Duiveynbode
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