Paper Waves - ART FIX

Loris Cecchini

Paper Waves, 2023

Embossed print mounted on aluminium

51 x 51 cm

Edition 30 + 5 AP
Signed and numbered on the back of the frame by the artist

All prints come in a wooden frame

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About the artwork

Water droplets creating overlapping ripples, sound vibrations propagating through space, summer heat waves, energies dissipating: waves are an all-encompassing and ever-present motif in nature. The Italian artist Loris Cecchini has managed to carve this elemental symbol into the surface of this extraordinary print. We see a visual pattern of vibration, a fluid relief that transforms the piece into a three-dimensional masterpiece. ‘Paper Waves’ constitutes a visual intervention: the static rigidity of the two-dimensional paper surface morphs into something organic, malleable and sculptural. You are compelled to touch it, to check for a heartbeat of the broiling energy beneath, perhaps expecting it to be fluid and malleable. 

Cecchini’s work on paper is created in preparation for his larger wall reliefs. His ‘modus operandi’ is the scientific study and recording of physical phenomena such as waves, which are remodelled to mould the surface of Japanese paper. In a sense, the artist attempts to freeze motion in time, creating an homage to nature that implies a sense of tenderness and care: “I look at the relationship between aesthetics and science: I stay on the boundary between the natural and the artificial, I draw from nature which I then work with using other forms of knowledge and, in the end, I try to create a shift, a poetic suspension,” says Cecchini. 

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About Loris Cecchini

Born in 1969 in Milan, Cecchini works in multiple media including photography, sculpture and installation. His work is guided by the artist’s curiosity for physical phenomena observed in the environment, from which he draws poetic and emotive inspiration. At the core of Cecchini’s work lies his reimagination of spatiality and the complex interactions of the organic, natural and vital with the mechanically-produced, artificial and structural worlds: “I’m very interested in the utopian dimension which bonds technology and nature. And I try to interpret a cultural landscape made of different “realities “, working on a diffused perception made of virtuality and consistent matter; in this sense I try to bridge. Naturally the work opens that to the wandering thoughts of the spectator.”

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