Art Fix Gift Card - ART FIX

Art Fix Gift Card

Art Fix Gift Card


A year’s worth of art in one Art Fix card.


Give an annual Art Fix membership to anyone curious about contemporary art, and be the reason that person discovers their new passion.
Gift membership € 210,-.

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frequently asked questions

Does the year of access to a gifted Art Fix membership start on the purchase date, or when the recipient starts watching an episode?
If you’ve purchased an Art Fix membership as a gift for someone else their year of access will begin when they activate their gift. Note that an Art Fix membership that has been gifted will not automatically renew.  
Do you have a physical gift card option?
No, we are not offering physical gift cards at this time.   
My eGift hasn’t been received?
We’re sorry that your gift was not received! Where is it? Sometimes our eGift email is filtered into people's spam folder. Please ask the recipient to check their spam folder. If your gift is still nowhere to be found, please feel free to reach out to us at Please make sure to include the email address used to purchase the gift and the transaction date stated on your receipt.