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Interview with Claudy Jongstra

Tucked away in the endless meadows of Friesland, Claudy Jongstra's idyllic studio is home to a workspace where the artist nurtures a harmonious concert of art, craftsmanship, and eco-conscientious practice.

Between constructing her signature wall-filling installations for various venues across the world, haute couture projects, and numerous sustainability-related endeavours, this artist is constantly on the move. We took a trip to the northern Netherlands to sit down with Claudy for a few questions about her work and creative process – watch the interview below, or listen to it as a podcast on Spotify.

Art Fix is pleased to be launching a unique series of felted wool works in collaboration with Claudy, titled ‘In Hoarizon’. These works are hand-made abstractions of the very same landscape that the artist’s studio inhabits – made using materials that are close to home.

Each of these works is made by hand by the artist. You’ll have a truly original piece of the rugged Frisian landscape to call your own.

For our viewers who want to stay up to date with Claudy, you can find her on Instagram at @claudyjongstra. Thanks for watching!

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